Bulk Waste Pick Up Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed in order to get your bulky waste picked up. The bulk is picked up by hand so the guidelines are for the drivers' safety as well as efficiency. If these guidelines are not met, your bulky waste will not be picked up.

SIZE: Everything must be either: boxed, bagged, or bundled. All items must be at max 5 feet in length. If items are being bundled they can't exceed 18 inches in diameter.

WEIGHT: No items over 75 lbs will be accepted.

APPLIANCES: & FURNITURE: Old appliances and furniture including, carpet, mattresses, and couches will be picked up. (Box springs to Queen and King beds need to be cut down) NO REFRIGERATORS!!

YARD TRIMMINGS & LIMBS: Grass clippings will not be accepted on the curb. They need to be placed inside your trash container, either bagged or loosely on top of other bags. If placed at the bottom of your container loosely they could get stuck at the bottom and not come out when the can is dumped on your service day. All tree limbs need to be broken down if they are longer than 5 feet in length and bundled no more than 18 inches in diameter.

RUBBISH: Garage, basement, or closet clean up which entails boxes of junk. Go ahead and put those out. Be sure that everything is boxed, bagged, or bundled.

CONSTRUCTION: Construction remodels or demolition will not be picked up. You will need to obtain a larger container to dispose of these items. If however, it is just a little home improvement job there should not be a problem with getting it all picked up. Just make sure it follows the guidelines.

HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE: All everyday household garbage needs to be placed into your trash receptacle and disposed of on your weekly pick up. If you consistently overloaded every week than you will need to get a hold of your city to get an extra garbage container.

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Paints, oils, solvents bug spray, week killer, batteries, old car parts, fertilizers and such are considered household hazardous waste and will not be collected.

OTHER PROHIBITED ITEMS: NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Any kind of waste from business, tires, or piles of brick, broken concrete or dirt will not be collected.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL: The bulky waste collector has the discretion to refuse items which do not meet these guidelines or that which he believes will pose a risk to human health.

If you any other questions concerning your bulk pick up please call Ace Disposal at: 435-882-7009 or visit their website.