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Appealing Your Traffic or Criminal Case From Justice Court To District Court

All defendants appealing a traffic or criminal case to the District Court must conform to the requirements of Rules 27A, 27B URCrP and Rule 38 URCrP in order for the Grantsville Justice Court to process the appeal in a timely manner. Failure to conform to these requirements will likely delay processing of the appeal until appropriate requirements are met.

All appeals must be submitted on the NOTICE OF APPEAL FROM JUSTICE COURT form or substantially similar form as approved by the Judicial Council. A request to stay a sentence of 30 days incarceration or more related to a DUI conviction requires an additional separate request. Affected individuals are referred to Rule 27B of the Utah Rules of Criminal Procedure.

It is the responsibility of the appealing party to see that proper forms are submitted to the court.

The Utah State Courts web site provides access to the latest version of the court rules pertaining to appeals from justice courts.
At the bottom of this web site is a link to Forms, which includes a notice of appeal from Justice Court.

Individuals appealing a case are strongly urged to review these rules before submitting their appeal.
Grantsville Justice Court clerks are not permitted to assist defendants in completing the appeal form nor are they permitted to provide any assistance beyond the above directions.
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