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Delinquencies and Failure to Appear

On cases that can be disposed of by bail forfeiture, the bail amount for a misdemeanor or infraction offense is increased by $50.00 if a defendant fails to appear or pay the original bail amount within 14 days after the citation is issued to the violator. [Rule 4-701(1) U.C.R.A.]

In addition to the above, if a defendant fails to appear or pay the bail amount within 40 days after the citation is issued, an information (charging document) may be issued by the prosecutor charging the defendant with Failure To Appear Or Comply, a Class "C" offense. [Rule 4-701(2) and Appendix C of the U.C.R.A.] The bail amount for this violation is an additional $190.00.

If warrant is issued for a defendant's arrest, the bail amount is increased an additional $75.00. [Rule 4-701(2) U.C.R.A.]

Progressive bail amounts of $250 and $500 are applied for subsequent failure to appear charges.

An individual found guilty of failure to appear may be fined up to $1,062.50 including surcharges and incarcerated for up to 90 days.
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