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Jury Information

General Information:
Defendant's are entitled to a trial before a jury for misdemeanors (not infractions), when there is a potential for a jail sentence. Small claims actions are not entitled to a trial by jury.

A master jury list is compiled by the Third District Court from the residents of Tooele County. Names from this list are requested by the Grantsville City Justice Court for use in its court.

Jurors are generally called for a term lasting a few months. Once qualified, prospective jurors are assigned a specific trial date, usually 10-14 days in advance. State law does not exempt qualified jurors from jury service.

Prospective jurors seeking to be excused for medical reasons may be requested to furnish a physician's letter. A mother who is breastfeeding a child may also be exempt from jury duty.

Jury trials for the Grantsville Justice Court are generally calendared on Fridays and typically last only one day. If a trial is canceled prior to a juror's appearance, that juror may be subject to call for another trial during the term.

The Grantsville Justice Court Jury Manager can be reached at (435) 882-6271.
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