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General Information
The City Attorney is an appointed position by the Mayor of Grantsville. The City Attorney's Office provides legal advice to the Mayor, City Council, all officers, departments, and agencies within the City. The City Attorney's staff cannot give advice to citizens on private legal matters. 

Typical responsibilities include:
  • Provide legal counsel to the City Council and various boards on laws that apply to their decision-making; 
  • Assists City Council and city departments in drafting and developing city laws, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and policies;
  • Advises city departments on laws that apply to their operations to achieve compliance with state and federal requirements;
  • Reviews and drafts contracts for the purchase of goods, services, and public works construction projects;
  • Provides for the representation of the city and its officials and employees in administrative and court litigation either directly or through the use of outside counsel; 
  • Represents the city in administrative and court proceedings to enforce city laws; and
  • Prosecutes the criminal violations of city ordinances and state misdemeanor law violations.