Spring Cleaning:   Dumpsters will be available for residents to use on May 14th and 21st from 8 am to 3  pm.
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General Information
The City of Grantsville requires that a valid business license be held by anyone conducting business in Grantsville. “Business” means and includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession, or activity pursued for gain or profit. Non-profit, charitable, governmental, and insurance agencies are also required to obtain a business license although they may be exempt from license fees. State business licenses are required for certain businesses such as massage therapy, beauticians, contractors, etc. You can contact the Utah Department of Professional Licensing to see if your profession requires a state license.
Licenses are NOT transferable from address to address, nor from owner to owner. Any change of location or ownership requires a new application to be submitted. Minor changes such as mailing address can be called into the city office.
In order to avoid late fees, licenses MUST be renewed prior to expiration of license. The licensee is responsible for renewal. The license renewal fee will double after expiration of license. Grantsville City requires notice if the business has moved out of the City or is no longer conducting business.
The following information will be required on the application for a business license:
  • Business name & DBA name
  • Physical street location
  • Business phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Owner/partner(s) name, address, phone number
  • Sales tax number
  • Copy of Professional/Occupational License (if applicable)
  • Proof of registration with Utah Department of Commerce

Business Classifications:
Home Occupation (A license fee will not be charged for a home occupation unless the combined offsite impact of the business and the primary residence exceeds the impact of the residence alone.)
Class “A” (Gross Sales of LESS than $50,000)
Class “B” (Gross Sales of MORE than $50,000)
(Class B includes businesses that may not calculate gross receipts such as banks or other businesses that do not sell goods or services locally.)
Amusement Devices (pinball machines, etc.)