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Scales of Justice and Gavel

Court hearings will continue to be held remotely either by phone or through Webex.  Masks are required when Tooele County is in a high transmission rate, as determined by the CDC.

General Information
Welcome to Grantsville City Justice Court where we ensure fair, impartial, and efficient application of the laws of Grantsville City and the State of Utah.  The Grantsville City Justice Court manages the following types of cases:

  • Class B and C Misdemeanors
  • Infractions
  • Traffic Citations
  • Small Claims cases
  • Expungements
If you wish to appeal the verdict of your Grantsville City Justice Court case,  you must file a written appeal to the  Court within 28 days of sentencing. You can learn more about the appeal process and access the appeal forms at

An initial court appearance is called an Arraignment and is held over the phone.  In preparation for your Arraignment, please watch the Defendant Rights video.  
If you have any questions regarding your rights, the Judge will answer them at your Arraignment.

Court's Information Page
Please read the Court's Information Page for information on the following:
  • Fine/fee payments
  • Community Service
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • State Office of Debt Collection
Information Page - English
Information Page - Spanish

Fine Payments
Online payments can be made at using your case number.   A 2.5% merchant fee will be added to the amount of the payment for credit or debit card payments.  Checks or cash payments may be made at 429 East Main Street, Grantsville City Hall, Room 101.  Checks may be mailed to 50 North Bowery Street, Grantsville, UT 84029.  Please include your case number.   Payments by telephone are not permitted.  Interest accrues on unpaid fines at the rate of 2.09% per year.
Please contact the Court if you are aware of any holds or warrants prior to making a payment.

Jury Duty
A master jury list is compiled by the Third District Court from the residents of Tooele County. Names from this list are requested by the Grantsville City Justice Court for use in its court.  Jurors are generally called for a term lasting a few months.  Once qualified, prospective jurors are assigned a specific trial date, usually 10-14 days in advance.  State law does not exempt qualified jurors from jury service.  Prospective jurors seeking to be excused for medical reasons may be requested to furnish a physician's letter.  A mother who is breastfeeding a child may also be exempt from jury duty.  You can find more information on jury service at

Public Defender
You have the right to be represented by an attorney. If the offense is one for which the court may impose jail time (a Misdemeanor and not an
Infraction) – even suspended jail time – and you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney to represent you. If you want to request a Court-appointed attorney to represent you, please complete the “Declaration of Financial Status” form and email it to the Court prior to your hearing.

Records Request
If you need a certified copy of Court records, please complete the Court Document Request form and email the form to  The Court will need 5-10 business days to process your request.   A non-refundable fee may be charged for this service.

Traffic School/Plea in Abeyance
If you receive a traffic citation, you may be eligible for a Plea in Abeyance (traffic school) and have your citation reported as a dismissal to the Driver's License Division.  A Plea in Abeyance (traffic school) is not an option if you were cited for speeding in a school zone.
You may qualify for a Plea in Abeyance (traffic school)  if you meet the following conditions:
  • The traffic violation does not involve speeding cited for more than 10 MPH over the posted speed limit.
  • You have not had any other prior traffic-related offenses in the past two (2) years.
  • Pay a $145.00 Plea in Abeyance fee.
  • Complete a $50.00 online traffic school course and submit the certificate to the Court.
  • Willing to plead Guilty and have the plea held in abeyance.
If you are interested in a Plea in Abeyance (traffic school), you MUST contact the Court PRIOR to completing the online traffic school and paying the fee.
DO NOT COMPLETE THE TRAFFIC SCHOOL OR PAY THE FEE BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO THE COURT.  Doing so can result in your fine being recorded as a Bail Forfeiture/Guilty plea and cannot be changed.  All fees are non-refundable.

Members of the public can now check their warrants online - free of charge.  The warrant check screen can be accessed at