Crosswalk Safety
Please watch for pedestrians in crosswalks and be aware of the difference between a parallel crosswalk and a ladder crosswalk. The zebra-, or ladder-, style crosswalk instructs drivers to wait until pedestrians have completely crossed the road before they are allowed to drive on. This is to protect pedestrians by not allowing cars to drive by while they are on the road.

Because of this, the zebra crosswalk is always used in school zones to protect students and crossing guards. In addition to school zones, zebra crosswalks are also found in busier city areas with a high volume of traffic. Parallel crosswalks tells drivers that they can keep driving once the pedestrian is a safe distance away. Even if the pedestrian is still on the road, if they have passed the car and it’s safe for the driver to continue, they can.

Dumping in the Road
To protect the public, please fill out a Road Use Permit before having any material dumped in the road. A Grantsville employee will deliver cones for you to mark the pile with to alert traffic.  All debris must be cleared within 7 days and the road swept clean.
Cutting into the road or City easement
Before any road work is to be done, please submit a Road Cut Permit
Encroachment Permit
If working in the city streets or easement, but not cutting into the road, a encroachment permit must be filed.  For now, please use cut permit form.
Contact Public Works at 435-884-0627 or