Drought Conditions
Drought continues to impact our state. We are asked to be aware of our water use.  Turn off water when not actively in use, run full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine, and most importantly, wait to water.  A single lawn watering for the average quarter-acre lot in Utah used 3,000 gallons of water.  If we all shift our habits and use less, we can make the water we have last longer.
  • Delay outdoor irrigation until after five days of 70 degrees or warmer weather.
  • Limit outdoor irrigation to 2 days per week, then to 1 day per week if drought conditions persist.
  • Consider postponing replacement of downed trees until a better water year.
  • Consider postponing new landscape projects until a wetter year.
  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks rather than using water to wash them.
  • Utah Water Savers offers statewide residential rebates  utahwatersavers.com
  • Slow the Flow: The Governor's Water Conservation TEam fromed this organization to promote conservation throughout the state.  slowtheflow.org

Slow The Flow