Spring Cleaning:   Dumpsters will be available for residents to use on May 14th and 21st from 8 am to 3  pm.
Click the link for locations and additional information.
City Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Council Neil Critchlow Mayor ncritchlow@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-3411
City Manager Jesse Wilson City Manager jwilson@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4632
Finance Sherrie Broadbent Finance Director SBroadbent@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-3411
Attorney Brett Coombs City Attorney bcoombs@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4635
Public Works James Waltz Public Works Director jwaltz@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-0627
Recorder Braydee Baugh City Recorder bbaugh@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4603
Information Officer Braydee Baugh Information Officer: (GRAMA Requests) bbaugh@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4603
Community & Economic  Development Kristy Clark Planning and Zoning Administrator kclark@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4604
Community & Economic  Development Dan England City Engineer dengland@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-1661
Treasurer Crystal Oldewage Treasurer/Personnel Director coldewage@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4626
Police Jacob Enslen Chief of Police jenslen@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-6881
Building Andy Jensen Building Official ajensen@grantsvilleut.gov (435) 884-4617
Grantsville Justice Court Court Clerk Judicial Assistant jcgrantsville@utcourts.gov (435) 884-6271