SPRING RUN-OFF   Spring is just around the corner, which means potential flooding. If you are concerned about flooding or are in an area that has flooded in the past, sandbags and shovels are available on the North side of the Public Works yard located at 336 W Main (by the cemetery). We have a new tool that will allow up to 5 sandbags to be filled at the same time. Sandbags and sand are also available at the entrance to the rodeo grounds on Clark Street. Bring your own shovels to the rodeo location. Our crews help protect Grantsville City government buildings with sandbags and we also provide self serve sandbags to the public when needed - first come first serve. We like the snow! Flooding? Not so much. 
Follow link for current status: Signature Updates from Tooele County
Please Click the links below to review the information related to this Referendum Petition
Ordinance 2022-28
Application for Referendum
Fiscal and Legal Impact Statement from Grantsville City Finance Director and Attorney
Statement from Grantsville City
Statement from Referendum Sponsors
Proposition Information Pamphlet for Referendum
What if I signed the petition and now would like to remove my name? 

A voter who has signed a referendum petition may have the voter's signature removed from the petition by submitting to the county clerk a statement requesting that the voter's signature be removed no later than the earlier of:
        (i) 30 days after the day on which the voter signs the statement requesting removal; or
        (ii) 45 days after the day on which the local clerk posts the voter's name under Subsection 20A-7-607(2)(a).