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 Let's clean-up for Summer!  
Spring clean Up with flowers sign
Dumpsters will be available on Saturday, May 11th AND Saturday, May 18th.
This year they will be in one location only for both weekends.  They will be located on the Northside of Clark Street & Bowery Street. 
Please obey the following rules so we can continue offering these opportunities. Ace Disposal will have personnel at the dumpsters during drop off times.
* NO appliances with freon.
* NO tires, batteries, oil or hazardous waste.
* The dumpsters are not for construction waste.
* The dumpsters are not for regular household garbage.
* Do not put garbage outside of the dumpster.
* Garbage CANNOT be left after the dumpster is gone.
If you have any questions about the dumpsters, please call City Hall at 435-884-3411. 

This is a great time to help beautify our city!